Why choose us?

Van der Wal is a professional advisor and service provider in the field of transport and logistics. We provide a range of solutions from partial loads and pallet shipments, to machinery transport, as well as all additional logistics services.

We are proactive, offer the best solution and do just that little bit extra

We understand the needs of our customers. We optimize the complete management of your logistics transport by applying our expertise, experience and talent. Our dynamic team is coordinated in a way to manage all kinds of obstacles in the logistic process.

Communication; When in Rome, do as the Romans do

We ensure that foreign languages (France, Spanish, English and German) are well represented within our team. We operate as an extension of our clients and coordinate with the recipient, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and extra charges.

Our experience is this process works best if we speak the language of both the customer and the recipient. Our multi-lingual team not only knows the languages but can also take cultural differences into account.

Short delivery time

We work with our clients to offer custom made solutions, enabling the transport and logistics process to flow as efficiently as possible. We look to identify cost saving opportunities and possibilities to streamline the process from start to finish.


Our extensive network of industry contacts and partners is based on professional relationships built up over many years. We keep the lines short, and make direct contact.